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No minimums, floorspace, or inventory
No minimums, floor space, or inventory

Submit Orders 24-7
Submit Orders 24-7

Simply call us at either of the phone numbers above!

We'll answer your call by the third ring and when we do, you'll be speaking to a person, not a machine.

What extension do you press? None! The person that answers your call is almost always the same that will assist you in setting-up your Gottfried Medical dealer account.

Eight Great Reasons to Become a Dealer of the Gottfried Medical Brand

  1. Dependability - Gottfried Medical has been in business since 1981
  2. Reliability - Custom pressure garments are our primary business
  3. Profitability - Our prices are the lowest, compared to all major manufacturers
  4. Patient/Customer Satisfaction - Our garment are Extremely durable, comfortable and breathable
  5. Satisfaction Guarantee - We get it right, or you don't pay
  6. Unbeatable Customer Service - Friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy
  7. American Made - Garments manufactured in Toledo, Ohio
  8. American Owned Company - Keeping jobs and profits here

The Best Reason of All?

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Gottfried Medical wants your business and is ready to prove it. Our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives will guide you through the brief account setup process.