Custom Compression Therapy Arm Sleeves & Gauntlets

Basic Models (See options below)

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101 click to view Wrist to axilla
102 click to view Gauntlet to axilla
103 click to view Wrist through flap*
104 click to view Gauntlet through flap*
106 click to view Gauntlet
403 click to view Wrist to elbow
404 click to view Gauntlet to elbow
405 click to view Sleeve stump
406 click to view Sleeve stump w/flap
409 click to view Elbow to axilla

*Not for children 4 & under.

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Options for these Models MORE

001 Zipper (up to 15" / charge no more than 2)
002 Velcro, each opening
011 Add or replace zipper
048 Velcro tab / flap over zipper
051 Wide or 2" (5cm) silicone elastic
051B 1/2" or 5/8" elastic
051E Ensil border
051R Regular 1" elastic
051S Silicone 1" elastic (thigh or wrist of sleeve only)
054 Elbow lining (front or back) x 2 if full
055 Flex seams (dbl is standard on lower ext)
056AN Lining - full sleeve
056AO Axilla pad
056AP Lining - stump
056AT Lining - full gauntlet
056AW Lining - forearm
057 Monogram

Tip style and glove/mitten length are specified on order form.

Order Forms Required MORE

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F-035 click to open in new window Upper Extremity Supports (paper tapes)
F-036 click to open in new window Upper Extremity Supports IMF (no paper tapes)

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About This Product: Custom compression therapy arm sleeves and gauntlets are manufactured for an anatomically exact fit, providing therapeutic treatment for venous insufficiency, lymphedema and helping prevent and/or control the development of burn contractures and keloids.

Typical Options

click to viewWrist
to axilla

click to viewGauntlet to axilla
with zipper

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The models and options displayed or listed on this page are the most common. Contact us to discuss any other specific requirement.