Manage Hypertrophic and Keloid Scarring with Ensil® Silicone Fabric

Ensil Fabric

Ensil fabric is a soft, yet durable, medical grade silicone sheet bonded to a 2-way stretch textile. Silicone (in this form) has been shown to prevent and/or improve hypertrophic and keloid scarring resulting from burns, trauma or surgical procedures.

Ensil fabric was developed by Gottfried Medical, a leader in the engineering and manufacturing of pressure garments since 1981.

  • Requires no special or additional care
  • Does not affect the prescribed compression
  • Economical, compared to other silicone products
  • Non-invasive b

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Fit & Coverage Guaranteed

With Ensil fabric engineered into your patient's Gottfried Medical pressure garment they are assured accurate fit and coverage of the area to be managed. No additional tape or other bandaging is required. Accurate fit and coverage are guaranteed.

  • Over joints and contractures
  • Any area of the body b

Benifits to the Patient

  • Softening and flattening of scar
  • Reduced discomfort a
  • Reduced redness
  • Increased moisture retention
  • Relief of itching a in area managed

How to Order Ensil MORE

To specify Ensil on any custom compression garment order, either check the appropriate box (when provided) on the order form, or add your requirments to the "Comments & Instructions" area.

In addition to the standard items below Ensil may be added as a liner to almost any area the custom compression garment is covering.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

051E Ensil border
701 Ensil fabric (6 x 6)
710 Ensil fabric by linear foot (10 ft minimum)

a. Reported in some instances
b. Not for use on open wounds

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Ensil fabric in an arm sleeve

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Ensil fabric Construction

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Ensil may be added as a liner to almost any area the custom compression garment is covering. Contact us to discuss any specific requirement.