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Outstanding Service & Quality Products

Partnership Opportunities

We are proud providers for a variety of partners all over the United States and beyond, based on our superior garments and exceptional customer service.

40 Years in Business

Gottfried Medical began making quality custom compression garments in 1981, in Toledo Ohio. 40 years later we continue the heritage and have remained in Toledo, creating jobs for Americans and contributing to the American economy.

We owe a great deal of the reasons for our longevity and success to our loyal dealers and (in turn) to their patients and customers. All of them appreciate and know they can depend upon Gottfried Medical for outstanding service and quality products, backed by an unbeatable guarantee.

Being a Gottfried Medical Partner

Unlike other medical devices and equipment you may also offer, as a Gottfried Medical dealer, there is no inventory to manage or floor space requirements for our products, as they are all custom made. Also, when an order is placed for a Gottfried Medical custom compression garment, there is no minimum amount requirement to meet.

Unfamiliar with the Measuring Process?

To the inexperienced, the task of measuring a patient may appear daunting. In reality, it is straight-forward and clearly spelled out on our order forms. For most garment orders all that is required is a soft cloth measuring tape and other common office items. If you have any questions, a call to our Customer Service will get you all the assistance needed. Your call will be answered by the third ring by a member of our friendly, professional staff.

Why Not Get Started Right Now?

Becoming a dealer of Gottfried Medical brand products is easy. Simply call us at either of the phone numbers at the top, or bottom, of this page! Gottfried Medical wants your business and is ready to prove it. Our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives will guide you through the brief account setup process.

Get the process started

Speak to one of our representatives today to begin your partnership with Gottfried Medical.