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Improve Garment Fit & Reduce Ordering Errors

Fitter's Tips & Suggestions

Our professional designers and fitters have compiled the suggestions needed for optimum measurement and fit.

Measuring & Tracing

  • Finger Lengths

    Please clearly indicate only the finger lengths you would like us to use for your patient. The full finger length should only be indicated when that is the desired length we should use.

    Finger length measurements on both the form and your tracing should always match.

  • Foot Glove Tracings

    The toe webs on foot glove tracings must be clearly indicated.

  • Foot & Hand Tracings

    Including a clear, understandable tracing with glove, mitten, gauntlet and stocking orders is not only helpful but is necessary. These tracings help our designers better interpret the order form measurements and the patient's special requirements.

  • Patient's Height & Weight

    Virtually every Gottfried Medical order form includes a space for the patient's height and weight. While the importance of this information may not be apparent, both suggest physiological markers which aid our designers, contributing to an improved garment fit.

  • Maintaining Correct Scale on Tracings

    Whenever orders include tracings, please place a 1” scale on each as shown here.


  • Order Completeness & Accuracy

    Forms from other providers should never be used. Doing so can result in a poorly fitting garment. Our forms may be downloaded as PDFs from this website, or you can request them from us directly using our contact form.

  • Closing & Opening Zippers Made Easier

    Gottfried Medical can add a loop to zippers, reducing the difficulity some patients have with them. When a loop is required, please indicate it in the order notes found on the order form itself.

  • Default Fabric Color

    When a fabric color or print is not specified; SAND-060 (the default fabric color) will be used.

  • Photographs

    Supplementing Gottfried Medical's order forms with photos can be a great help to our designers to aid in their understanding any area of concern. Photos may be emailed to us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If sent separately, please be sure to reference the order number.

  • Certain Re-orders Do Not Include Our Guarantee

    When re-ordering and no changes are made to the pattern, there is no guarantee on that garment.

  • Patient Allergies

    The consequences of silicone and/or metal allergies can be life-threatening. Patient allergies to either or both must now be reported before an order can be processed. Please do so where indicated on the order form. (Learn more)


  • Our Contacting You with Order Questions

    Orders should always include the best method of our reaching the fitter with questions. After three failed attempts to reach you the order is filed and its fabrication ceased. We can phone, email you, or even text you. Please include whatever works best.

  • Communicating with Our Pattern Designers

    Any time you have a garment fitting or design question our Pattern Designers are available to assist you. Please call us directly to discuss your question or to arrange for a video conference or text.

  • Delivery to Your Patient's Door

    Gottfried Medical can drop ship your orders directly to your patient. At the top of every form is a "Ship to Address" area. Indicate the patient's address here if drop shipping is desired. Be sure to also include the patient's full name.

Need more fitting assistance?

View our instructional video gallery to walk you through proper measuring techniques.