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At Gottfried Medical, Inc., our commitment lies in the wellbeing and satisfaction of our clients. We deeply value the insights gained from feedback on our products and services, which shape our ongoing efforts to enhance quality.

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Lower Body & Miscellaneous Custom Compression Garments

Custom compression therapy such as stockings, chaps, panty girdles, foot gloves, finger sleeves, anklets, arm and thigh bands are manufactured for an anatomically exact fit, providing therapeutic treatment for venous insufficiency, lymphedema and helping prevent and/or control the development of burn contractures and keloids.

The basic models of Gottfried Medical's custom compression therapy products are shown below. Every patient is unique and every garment we make is just as special. Fulfilling your patient's individual requirements is exactly what we do at Gottfried Medical, Inc.

Visit our forms page to download the form needed for your garment. Specifications can be made on the order forms submitted.

Note: The models and options displayed or listed on this page are the most common. Contact us to discuss any other specific requirement.

Knee, Thigh, & Stump Length Stockings

thigh length stocking custom compression garment zipper
Model 202: Thigh length stocking with 2 in elastic, zipper, soft toe
custom compression garment knee length stocking
Model 201 - Knee length stocking with 1 in elastic, flex seams, self toe
Model 201 - Knee length stocking with 1 in elastic, soft toe, zipper

Basic Models

201 Knee Length

202 Thigh Length

331 Stump above knee

332 Stump below knee (charge for elastic)

Waist Length Stockings, Chaps, & Panty Girdles

custom compression garment waist length stocking
Model 304: Waist length two leg stocking with open crotch, soft toe
custom compression garment waist length stocking one leg
Model 300: Chap, one leg, soft toe
custom compression garment panty girdle
Model 308: Panty girdle

Basic Models

300 Chap, One Leg

301 Chap one leg, open crotch

302 One leg panty open crotch

303 One leg panty closed crotch

304 Waist high, 2 leg, open crotch

305 Waist high, 2 leg, closed crotch

306 Waist high, 2 leg, pregnancy

307 Chap style, 2 legs

308 Panty girdle above knee

309 Panty girdle below knee

333 One stump, open crotch

334 One stump panty, open crotch

335 One stump panty, closed crotch

336 Leg & stump, open crotch

337 Leg & stump, closed crotch

338 Two stump, open crotch

339 Two stump, closed crotch

341 Stump support, chap above knee

Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous custom compression therapy garments include anklets, finger sleeves, foot gloves, knee bands, arm bands, thigh bands and scrotum supports. View our basic models below.

Basic Models

custom compression garment anklet

408 Anklet (tape 4.5 for male, 3 for female)

custom compression therapy garment finger sleeve

453 Finger sleeve

custom compression therapy garment foot glove ankle

460 Foot glove to ankle

custom compression garment knee band

470 Knee band, 10" fabric for 10+ yrs / 6" for under 10

custom compression therapy garment thigh band

471 Thigh band, 10" fabric for 10+ yrs/ 6" for under 10

custom compression therapy garment arm band

472 Arm band (6" fabric)

custom compression therapy garment scrotum support

473 Scrotum support

custom compression therapy garment leg band

474 Leg band

Garter Belts

Custom made specifically for use with Gottfried Medical's custom compression therapy thigh high stockings, in sizes to fit almost all patients. Other sizes, with other options also available. See options chart. Our custom made garter belts use more rugged, traditional slides and fasteners. Each leg has four attaching points: two front and two back. These garter belts may be used in conjunction with stockings ordered with an elastic border, or Item No. 051E, Ensil silicone border.

Garter belts are an alternative to Item No. 019: It stays - H2O soluble roll-on adhesive.

compression therapy garter belts
Model 611-2: Two Leg Garter Belt
compression therapy garter belt
Model 611: One Leg Garter Belt

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