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Custom Compression Garments &

Managing Venous Insufficiency

Experience the benefits of our custom compression garments, expertly designed to assist weak or damaged veins, while effectively reducing and controlling the discomfort of swollen and bulging veins caused by venous insufficiency.

Gradient Pressure

Custom compression garments designed for venous insufficiency assist weak or damaged veins with the circulation of blood. Also, they help reduce and control swollen and bulging veins associated with this condition. These garments are designed to exert gradient pressure, mimicking the action of the veins as they move blood toward the heart. Gradient pressure is highest at the distal end reducing in gradient to the proximal end.

Benefits to the Patient

Gottfried brand custom compression garments for venous insufficiency are manufactured for an anatomically exact fit. Because they are custom made they can increase compliance as a result of options and extras that ease donning, doffing and reducing the discomfort associated with normal wear. Numerous options are available and special requirements are easily accommodated.

Why a Prescription is Required

Custom compression garments for venous insufficiency from Gottfried Medical are designed to provide significantly higher compression than is found in common OTC retail products. As a result, they are not available without a prescription.

Custom Compression Garments for Venous Insufficiency

Gottfried Medical custom compression therapy garment types intended for the treatment of venous insufficiency are shown below. Every patient is unique and every custom compression therapy garment we make is just as special. Fulfilling your patient's individual requirements is exactly what we do at Gottfried Medical, Inc.

    Indications & Contraindications

    20 - 30
    Arterial insufficiency with venous insufficiency. Burns — prevention of hypertrophic scars.
    30 - 40
    Varicose veins (mild), assist fluid return, leg fatigue, stasis dermatitis, postphlebitic syndrome, postsurgical stripping or sclerosing, varicose veins (moderate), postfracture edema, prophylactic treatment of edema and phlebitis.
    40 - 50
    Lymphedema (moderate), chronic venous insufficiency, stasis dermatitis (severe), lymphedema (severe), chronic venous insufficiency (severe), orthostatic hypotension (moderate).
    50 - 60
    Orthostatic hypotension (severe), postthrombosis (severe), intractable edema.
    Non-ambulatory use, severe arterial insufficiency, cutaneous infection, acute hypodermatitis, wet dermatoses.

    Download Order Forms

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