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Compression Therapy Garment

Daily Use & Care

Gottfried Medical offers a variety of color and print options for your cutsom compression therapy garment. Browse our selections below.

  • Donning & Doffing

    When to Put Your Support or Garment On (Donning)
    Don your support early in the morning, when swelling is at its lowest. If you shower, do so the night before so that your skin is thoroughly dry. Using powder and/or rubber gloves also makes donning easier.

    Removing Your Support or Garment (Doffing)
    To remove your garment, roll it carefully down, again using rubber gloves and grasping two or three inches at a time.

    Donning Specific Supports & Garments

    • Donning Knee Length Supports and Garments

      If it does not have Velcro or a zipper it is normally shipped inside out. With the support inside out:

      1. Fold the foot section back to the heel
      2. Grasp each side of the support and pull it over the foot and past the middle of the heel so that the support will not slide back down the foot
      3. Reach just past the toes and pull the support upward. Never pull on the seams or on the band at the top of the support
      4. Stretch the toe of the support out toward the tips of the toes, allowing the material to return to its normal position
      5. Pull the support on the rest of the way by grasping two or three inches at a time
      6. Once in place, the support should never be allowed to roll over or turn down into a cuff

      Never pull the support, or garment, by the seams!

    • Donning Thigh Length Supports and Garments

      Donning a thigh length support is the same as described for a Knee Length. Their additional length adds one more requirement. Thigh length supports require assistance to be held in place, which is necessary to provide the prescribed therapeutic value.

      Keeping a thigh length support in place can be accomplished with:

      • Garter belt
      • Elastic band (designed for this purpose)
      • Special, water-soluble adhesive applied to the body*

      *Garments intended for use with this adhesive will be delivered with special cotton material sewn onto the top.

    • Donning Waist Length Supports and Garments

      These supports are donned the same as knee lengths, except that both feet must be donned until the garment or support is gathered between the ankles and knees. To continue donning:

      • While standing, alternatively pull each leg of the support up
      • Pull the body portion over the hips, to the waist
      • Snug the material into the groin
      • In the back, pull up from the fold of the buttocks with both hands

      Discomfort behind the knees can be avoided by working the material down the leg from behind the knees. Never pull the support, or garment, by the seams!

  • Lotions, Oils & Salves

    Most salves, lotions and oils may be used on the skin when wearing your support or garment. They will not harm our fabric, unlike the fabric used in other brands.

  • Pain or Discomfort

    Should you experience any pain or prolonged discomfort, remove the support or garment at once. Report the condition to your physician, therapist or supplier immediately. They will advise you as to what steps should then be taken. Your support was prescribed to treat a medical condition. Do not wait to contact them.

  • Laundering Instructions

    To care for the garment wash it daily, by hand or machine, since perspiration and body oils can break down the fabric. Laundering also rejuvenates the compression properties of the material.

    • If machine washing, use a delicate cycle
    • Use lukewarm water and a mild soap, such as Ivory or Dreft
    • Do not use bleach or fabric softener
    • Dry flat or tumble dry using the “air fluff” setting
    • Do not wring or stretch
    • Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and excessive heat
  • Extending the Life of Your Support or Garment

    In addition to regular laundering, we recommend a second support (or pair) be ordered and worn on alternate days. Alternating your supports this way will extend their life, as the elastic material can rest and rebound between wearings.

    During normal daily activity re-adjusting the support or garment (due to settling) may be required and is to be expected. Outer clothing should always be worn over your support or garment to prevent excessive wear.

    When donned and cared for as directed, the fabric used in your support or garment will not run. If, however, excessive force is used, or the seams are pulled upon, this may cause a small hole to appear next to the seam. This hole should be darned immediately to prevent further damage. Small, darned repairs do not affect the therapeutic value of your support or garment.

  • Time to Re-Order

    When is it Time to Re-order?

    Even with proper care, your support or garment will eventually lose its elasticity, no longer providing the prescribed therapeutic compression. This is the time to re-order. If you experience a loss or gain in weight of 3% (or more) please inform your physician, therapist or supplier, as new measurements may be necessary to satisfy your prescription.

    The pattern used to manufacture your support or garment is held for two years. If you do not place a re-order within that time, the pattern file will be discarded. A new order may be placed after two years, but new measurements and a new prescription will be required.

  • Guarantee

    All warranty adjustments, returns, alterations and/or modifications must be made through the Retail Dealer, Healthcare or Institutional Provider from which the item was purchased.

    All supports and garments are guaranteed for proper fit and correct pressure. Garments and supports will be replaced, altered or repaired at no charge for 15 days from delivery date. Extensions for patient convenience may be granted with notification to us. Supports and garments are also guaranteed to be free of any defects in workmanship or materials for 30 days from delivery.

    Although we make every effort to deliver garments which match our color samples, due to variations in fabric and dye lot, we cannot guarantee exact color match, or color consistency from order to order. Alterations and/or modifications (except for color) may be made up to 6 months.

  • Returned Garments

    Compliance to OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 1910.1030 requires any and all garments sent to Gottfried Medical (regardless of reason or circumstance) be laundered and clean before sending. Upon our receipt of a soiled garment, Gottfried Medical will immediately return said garment to the sender for proper treatment and/or disposal.